For The Love Of Music


Walking in Boston’s North End a few days ago, I came upon this street musician playing in a park. Suddenly this little boy walked over and quietly stood very close to him, entranced by his playing. The two stayed that way for quite a while. It was a beautiful moment.

Music In The Construction Zone


You never know what you might see around here, but this lady playing an amplified violin in the middle of this mess was one of the more unusual things I have run across lately. Not only was her music rather good, she was also dancing to its beat.

And here’s one last oddity. Look at those shoes!

The Fife Player

L1000418-EditsmallThere are a lot of street musicians busking for bucks who are really pretty bad. This gentleman wasn’t. He learned his craft very early and honed it by participating in Civil War reenactments. 

The one thing that struck me about the little fife as an instrument was that the thing is really loud a very shrill. A help if you need to be heard above cannon fire I guess.