Kevin and Cupcake


A couple of fine friends! Kevin is a very accomplished bluegrass musician and Cupcake is his wife’s blind, ten year old little poodle who really likes to go out on street gigs.

Music Please


I took this photograph almost by accident yesterday. It came about as I was walking across the little bridge in Boston’s public garden. The young lady was seated on its top edge intently involved with her music. I wasn’t intending to take her picture until I had almost passed by. At the last second I took one quick shot from the hip and got lucky. Color wasn’t necessary.

For The Love Of Music


Walking in Boston’s North End a few days ago, I came upon this street musician playing in a park. Suddenly this little boy walked over and quietly stood very close to him, entranced by his playing. The two stayed that way for quite a while. It was a beautiful moment.

Music In The Construction Zone


You never know what you might see around here, but this lady playing an amplified violin in the middle of this mess was one of the more unusual things I have run across lately. Not only was her music rather good, she was also dancing to its beat.

And here’s one last oddity. Look at those shoes!

Spring’s Aria



It’s a lovely tune.

They’re Back!

L1000662-Editsmall.jpgYesterday was the first day this year that the “musical” street folks were out in force. Can’t say that classical violinists were very well represented.

Street Music Man

P1010410-Edit-Editsmall.jpgThe guys, that play music for cash in public places generally fall into two categories. Skilled and hardly at all. The competent players want money just as much as the duds but they seem genuinely involved with the music they play and don’t seem to mind playing even when pickings are slim. The duds toot and strum loudly, holding a recognizable instrument, but the sounds they make are used primarily as an attention-getting device as if to say, here I am, pay me.

The man pictured above wasn’t that easy to classify. He certainly needed a shave and his right eye showed the sign of somebody’s fist but, he had clean fingernails and his clothes were worn but clean. As for his musical skills they were passable, just, but he was singing in a place that was pretty far off the beaten path which makes me think he was new to his gig or didn’t much care whether he made any money.

He spoke almost in a whisper when I asked him if I could take his picture. “Sure, if that’s what you want, be my guest.”

When I took out a dollar to give him I noticed he didn’t even have a place where I could put it. There was a story there but, I was late and moved on.




























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