Moon Shot


It was full last night and was beautiful. Hard to photograph though due to the extreme contrast involved. To compound my misery, I had a terrible time with focus as well. That said the composition was ok and the soft out of focus atmosphere wasn’t terrible. So here you are.

Almost Full


The cool quiet of the city comes through my open window as the moon plays hide and seek through thin low hanging clouds. 

Crescent Moon


On the way to the subway stop this morning we saw the Millennium Tower bathed in pretty early morning light. What I missed  when I took this picture was the tiny crescent moon high in the sky. It makes a nice dab of interest in the upper right corner.

Morning Moon (and friend)


While the full moon was bright early this morning  shining through the trees, what I didn’t see until I cropped the image was its “friend”, the “morning star” Venus, shining over its shoulder.

A lovely way to start the day.

Full Moon And The Mega-Yacht



Out for a walk after supper with a friend we came upon this lovely moon silhouetting the branches above us as we headed down to Wayfarer Marine to see this huge yacht. I don’t know why people get pleasure out of these things. Why don’t they just stay in a Four Seasons resort somewhere. It would be cheaper, there would be more to do and it wouldn’t piss off the locals so much.