Memorial Day

Here in Boston on every Memorial Day there is erected a powerful, heart wrenching tribute to the thousands of Massachusetts men and women who died in service to our country. It’s heard not to be deeply moved by this sight.

The Memory Project


This is an art project of the Boston University student on the left. It was set up smack dab in the middle of Boston Common today. Nothing was around it, just two young ladies standing and smiling asking passersby to swap their memories with those of other people. I like the concept. I wonder, if such a thing was  actually possible, whether anyone would take them up on it or would we prefer to keep our own memories even if we didn’t like them.

Turpentine Memories


Memory is elusive. I think we dwell in the past entirely too much.

I took this photograph originally thinking it would make a nice conventional still life, nothing more. However as I cropped its edges and toned down its color it took on this hazy look that I like and became more meditative.

Mill Town Morning

P1070758-EditsmallThe milltown that Camden was once is long long gone. However, as long as the smokestack stands, the memory lingers. It’s a shining shard of an era gone by.


Old Memories

….become hazy and elusive. We think we remember events clearly but the time that has passed blurs recollection making it easier for us to tell ourselves the story of what we wished was true.