A 7AM Meditation


Today’s early morning was a sodden soggy mess. The rain was pelting down so hard that even in bed with the windows closed tightly, the rain’s steady, strangely soothing hiss could easily be heard over the hum of the ceiling fan.

A lovely form of meditation could be achieved by just lying still and listening.



Nothing Lasts 

Morning Break (Possibly From Thinking)



These photographs were taken about 5 minutes apart this morning as I was on my way to get groceries. I’m struck by how deep in thought both these women seem to be. Yet how can one be sure? Sometimes we just turn off our minds for a moment and enjoy the stillness within. 

Meditation helps. It’s worth practicing.



Some Kind of Bus


We’re all on one. It’s of our own design. We can change it if we have a mind to.

A Father’s Day Meditation


The Good…..The Bad…..The Ugly

Time Out


Sometimes taking a break from all the tension and anger of this moment in time is terribly necessary.

In The Present


Being in the present. Easy to say, so hard to do.

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