A Father’s Day Meditation


The Good…..The Bad…..The Ugly

Time Out


Sometimes taking a break from all the tension and anger of this moment in time is terribly necessary.

In The Present


Being in the present. Easy to say, so hard to do.

Contemplation At 35,ooo Feet


It’s dawn now and we’re about an hour and a half from London’s Heathrow Airport and we haven’t really slept at all. By leaning back in my seat a twisting around as far as I can, I take a picture of the first light of morning reflecting off our right wing’s engine. The air is smooth and the background rumble of our giant plane as it hurtles east is somehow soothing. Maybe it’s just because I’m so damn tired but right now, this very moment, I’m at peace.


Some Quiet Time


I am trying to spend a little time each day just paying attention to the silence.

Morning Light


My wife Sarah’s father used to have this saying …”Another day of glorious opportunity”. Sometimes it’s hard for most of us to feel quite that optimistic but the golden light of morning certainly helps.




Meditation, for me, helps me understand the incredible beauty and fragility of life. Our overblown sense of self and little puffed up egos fade as stillness clears our mind. I planted this tree. It was less than two feet tall then. It will still be there after I’m gone. That makes me happy.

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