Late November Bee At Work

P1010321smallBeside being a very pretty rose, what makes this photo interesting, at least to me is the fact that the little insect is hard a work in late November. I would suspect most of its New England brethren are hibernating  by now.

The Lonely Apple Tree


This house is deserted so I guess it’s no surprise that nobody harvested these apples. The apple season this year in Maine was gargantuan and everyone had more apples than they knew how to deal with. Still it’s a shame that nature’s bountiful golden gift had no takers. 

Walking Across Boston Common

P1000761smallWe had just seen the movie “Spotlight” which, if you haven’t seen it, you should. Today’s weather isn’t great but it since it’s Saturday, there were plenty of folks in the part anyway. Just ahead of us was this group of happy tourists with their big bunch of balloons. It was one of those colorful moments when a camera is a welcome accessory.

On The Subway

P1180464-EditsmallRiding into the city this afternoon, I sat opposite this lady staring off into the distance lost in thought. I had with me a borrowed Lumix GH4 and by putting it into my lap and by opening the screen to help with the focus, I was able to take this picture without her noticing a thing. My wife Sarah aided my stealth by leaning over to talk to me while I was taking the picture.

I’m not very good at taking “street shots” and don’t do it very often, but this lady’s big dark eyes and quiet demeanor made her an irresistible subject.