The Smile Queen


It’s hard to say exactly what this lady is thinking. She seems to be reacting rather negatively to my camera. But the thing of it is, she was chatting happily with a couple of people as I passed by and didn’t seem uptight or angry at all. That’s the thing with street photography in 1/800 of a second you only catch a tiny fleeting glimpse of someone. What you think you see, you probably don’t.

Lady In A Hat


This is a photo of my long-suffering wife Sarah sitting on the front stoop of our rented house in Maine. I say long-suffering because I am constantly bothering her by asking to pose for some shot or other. This one however didn’t require any as she was just sitting in the sun with her back to me. Since her hat was way overexposed to start with, when I cut the exposure way back and added some heavy vignetting, the result was what you see above. The moire on her shoulder is very obvious but since it looks like part of the shirt design so it wasn’t really too distracting in this case.

Sleeping Subway Portrait


One of the absolute best things about my GH4 is the tilt and swivel touch screen. I can be sitting quietly in my seat looking down into my lap and if I’ve turned the screen just so, I can get close ups of people near me without attracting attention.

This young lady was napping almost directly across from where I was sitting. She would doze off and then snap awake suddenly as the train lurched. By paying close attention, with my finger on the shutter button, I got a number of pictures of her with her eyes closed. The standing passengers would occasionally get in the way but there were enough chances to finally come up with the one above. 

Street Portrait

P1010930small.jpgThe beauty of a fast focusing camera is that sometimes I can take a very quick shot of someone as I’m walking by. I saw this lady from quite a way off and could tell she had a lot on her mind. Maybe it was nothing more than a stone in her shoe but her pain was palpable. I’m finding the more I carry my camera, the closer I look at my surroundings.