Green Sand Bucket


Simplicity…It was just sitting there with the sun spotlighting it.


Friday’s Flower Beauty Bash


Always nice to end the week with a little beauty bash. Enjoy summer wherever you are.

Red Sky At Night

DSCF9922small.jpgDoesn’t happen very often around here but when it does, it’s a beauty.

Wabi-Sabi Flowers


Downeast Prototype

P1080356-EditsmallUsing Nik software again I converted a color ocean edge scene to this. The place is Lincolnville Beach in Maine. The tones in the rocks are what attracted to me.

Water Lily Time

P1030712-EditsmallThe interesting thing about this photograph is that it is the brown lily pads that give it such a rich feeling. If the pads had been only green it would have been run of the mill.

Thinking About Color

Thinking About Color

There are many ways to do it.

None of them easy.

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