The Kiss


I loved it that this couple was totally unaware of anything but themselves. You could have set a bomb off next to them and they wouldn’t have heard it.

By A Quiet River


It’s time for a rest. A quiet break from the frantic acrimony that grips our nation. Maybe for a while we can just sit and watch the water flow slowly by. There is a natural world that needs our love. Let’s give some time to caring for it.


Hello Young Lovers


Walking up Boston’s Commonwealth Mall is always a fine place for a little street photography. This couple had stopped by the firefighters memorial and were completely oblivious to the fact that I was taking their picture. Not once but a number of times. Young love is lovely to see up close.

Love In The Park


I’ve just came back for a brief walk where I saw these two absolutely lost in each other’s company. Thank goodness love still exists in this modern world of ours that currently seems so filled with hate.

Bubbles For Her Baby


She had stopped the carriage in the shade of an awning and oblivious to everything she was blowing these magical things for her child. A simple human gesture of love that made you almost want to cry.

Self Portrait


If I know one thing it’s this. Never take yourself too seriously. Ego is a very dangerous thing. Shut up, do good work and love deeply.