Men Look, Women Find


We’re walking to town yesterday and I’ve a letter in my pocket to mail. We come to the main post office which is huge, clean and well lit. I go in to drop the letter off and can’t find the damn mail slot. I go outside to tell Sarah I’m stumped. She walks in, goes directly to the drop off point and mails the letter……So endeth the lesson.


On Trying To See Clearly





We went to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts today and I took a hell of a lot of photographs. In the end though, what came out of that trip is how terribly hard it is to really see anything clearly.


At The Art Museum


Looking at fine art is the best way I know to get my creative juices flowing. Boston has one of the finest in the country so spending a few hours here is a real treat.

The Name of This Game is LOOKING









The pictures above are the result of a wonderful morning we spent in the Boston Museum of Fine Art. 

Looking vs Seeing


Here’s the thing.

These people swarm over Boston all day every day. Objectively of course we are a great city to visit. Loaded with history, fine places to stay, major cultural institutions, great universities, not to mention our beloved sports teams and fine restaurants. Many many tourist buses prowl our neighborhoods with their windows wide open making it easy for passengers to peer at the passing sites. The drivers of these giant vehicles deliver a continuous river of information about what they are currently going by.

However, I wonder about how much these people are actually seeing. They’re looking yes. But seeing? I’m not so sure.

It’s the same problem with our photography isn’t it?

We look constantly but how much do we really see?

Who Is Looking?


There is a Buddhist story that goes something like this: 

A old priest was leading a group of new monks on a walk in the desert at night. It was very dark. There was no moon and millions of stars glistened in the sky. It was totally quiet. 

The old man stopped and said to the group, “Look up and see the stars.”. All did as he demanded and were deeply moved by the radiant beauty overhead.

“Now look again at who’s looking”, the priest said.

With that, some monks attained enlightenment.

Now, dear viewer, look at this picture and tell me who’s looking.

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