What does alone mean in todays hyper digital society? I’m not sure. However sitting on a storage crate, under a dingy underpass, staring intently at a very powerful little electonic device is as good a working definition as any.




Being lonely hurts.

The Lonely Hockey Player


Shooting goals by himself in an empty parking lot near Davis Square, Cambridge. 


There is a story here. I don’t know it though. If I was a better photographer, I’d be able to give you more of a glimpse of it but as it stands now we’ll just have to make up our own.




The Lonely Traveler


This was taken in Grand Central Station a few years ago. It’s a different kind of photograph than I usually take. It is minimalist to the extreme and not in sharp focus to boot. The mood and the story are primary. I like it as much for what isn’t in the frame as for what is.


Photographing Lonely



Nuff said…

Trolley Tour For One


It’s not often one of these monster tourist buses goes by with a single passenger. Maybe the 98 degree temperature today had something to do with it.



The more I roam around these streets. The more I see the existential loneliness of our species.

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