On The Church Steps


Her face is open to all kinds of interpretations; watchful, resigned, care worn or angry. Take your pick. All of the above or none. That’s the fascinating thing with street photography. The only sure thing is that the light falling on her gives a painterly quality to the image.

The Checkout Girl


So often it’s the light that determines the quality of a photograph isn’t it?

This morning while Sarah and I were at the grocery market, I spotted this young lady bagging people’s purchases. Her face was raked by the low early morning light coming through the front windows. By eliminating some of the background clutter in post processing, this was the result. I’m biased of course, but this almost looks like a studio portrait instead of the grab shot it actually is.

Red Water Bottle Abstract


Such simple things…a water bottle, a Danish antique platter and a plain wooden table. Portraying simple things well means not over thinking stuff. Something I tend to do all the time.