Fall Gold

Walking along the outer edge of the Boston Public Garden yesterday this was what I saw. Mind you this sidewalk is along Boylston Street, a VERY busy road. Sometimes the beauty of nature just grabs you by the throat!

Green Fire

I have no idea what this plant is called but when illuminated by the low sun, its leaves burst into a green fire.

Fallen Leaves & Fog

large- copy.jpg

Once upon a time we rented a house in Petaluma, California. It was very modern with bleached wood, sharp angles and a lot of glass. A particularly nice thing about it was that it had a very funky backyard that was the complete opposite of the structure. There was a falling down shed a rickety fence a bench made out of a single slab of unfinished wood. It was unkempt and unplanted.

We loved it.

Leaves and Bubbles


It all depends where you look doesn’t it?

I say this because this photograph came about as I was looking for a place to take a picture of a lovely little stream running along a garden path. My first thought was to compose one showing a portion of the rivulet as it bubbled over some rocks near where I was standing. However as I bent down to adjust the camera I saw a little eddy right near my foot where tiny bubbles formed themselves into little floating mats that swirled around and sometimes engulfed nearby leaves.

I watched this dance for quite a long while and this is the result.