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The Black Tree Mood

Yesterday’s, was clear and sunny and this photograph was taken in color. So why the dingy monochrome look? The simple answer is, it’s the way I felt.

This Covid-19 lockdown is getting on my nerves. The photograph could have and maybe even should have been developed as a colorful landscape. I just couldn’t do it.

It’s going to rain quite a bit this week.

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Touching God

I’ve been to this place hundreds of times. It’s land that was once owned by a old relative of mine who loved growing things, especially trees. I’m embarrassed to say in spite of all those visits, I never really “saw” those magnificent trees. In this photograph my wife is touching one. To me, it looks like she’s patting the universe.

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Setting Sun In Boston Public Garden

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A Veteran’s Day Memory

In memory of those who died.

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Early Evening Moon

Now that our window air conditioner is gone, the new access gives me a great new angle on the city.

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Landscape Mantra

Stripted to its basics, this is a photograph of weeping willows and other trees surrounding a calm body of water. There’s a mottled sky overhead and no people to be seen. My additional goal for this image, besides rendering the landscape well, was to create in the viewer a meditative state that arises from seeing this view. I am well aware that it’s a conceit to believe I can but just trying was well worth the effort.

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It wasn’t a little one!

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There is magic in this city as the sun begins to rise and the streets still sleep.

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View From Boston Garden

As we walked past this scene this morning the world turned happy.

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Cherry Blossom Morning

These scenes are achingly beautiful and SO very short.