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A Baby Bunch Of Differing Opinions


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Frog Pond Sunset


It was over 90 degrees yesterday in Boston and as you might guess this wading pool was packed all day. Just before it closed last night I went out for a walk around it. There were kids everywhere running, splashing and just plain having a hell of a good time. Taking a good photograph of the chaos was difficult because composing anything worthwhile in the swirling mass of bodies was really difficult. Finally after what seemed like endless attempts I got this grouping. To be honest there was a lot of luck involved but no matter I’ll take it!

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Captain Bike Zoomer


As this week comes to a close it’s time for a cute kid photo. This young man was clearly new to his two-wheeler but he showed no fear as he took off down the path in Boston Common alongside Beacon Street with his proud whizzing Dad behind him in some kind of souped-up skateboard.

Happy Fourth of July Everybody!

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Frog Pond Ecstasy




On a warm summer day take a crowd of happy kids, turn on a fountain and stand back! This is the first day that the Frog Pond fountain was in operation and from here on into the fall this joint will really be hopping.

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Beating The Heat In The Frog Pond


Just a few steps from where we live is one of the major attractions of Boston Common Park. It’s known as the Frog Pond. A shallow pool with a large fountain in the middle of it for wading in the summer and an ice rink for skating in the winter. 

When the Boston Common was founded in 1634, the Frog Pond was a spring-fed watering hole for grazing cows. In the 1850s, the city built a fountain inside the pond to commemorate the recently established waterworks that brought clean water to Boston. The machinery that makes the ice in the winter is located directly under it.

When the fountain really lets fly the kids go crazy happy. Running and jumping in the spray.


It’s a great sight.

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Reaching For Rainbows


There was a guy today on the Boston Common who started making these enormous soap bubbles. In about 2 heartbeats he was surrounded by a delirious crowd of happy little kids running after his creations as they gently floated skyward.

It was one of those happy Sunday scenes that makes one forget, at least for a moment, all dolorous things.