Yes Little One It’s A Very Big Ocean


A small girl in bright colors on a beach. Those elements have a lot of potential for making a good photograph. To my eye though, what makes this image is NOT seeing the water.

I’ve heard it said often, what’s not in the picture can often be as important as what is.

Looking Out


It’s just my window. Vines growing over it. Camera pointed toward the sky. I saw it just now as something else. 

The Emerald Moment


This morning was about as perfect a summer day as you can imagine. Bright sky, low humidity and a cooling breeze combined to transport my thoughts to some green realm where the soul-healing quiet was only occasionally broken by the gentle rustle of shade trees. There were people around of course, but their presence was at best only tangential to the overpowering beauty of a precious, albeit temporary, summer jewel.

The Usual And A Departure


Sarah and I visited the MFA in Boston this morning and as usual I took a lot of pictures of people looking at the art. These three are the best of the bunch with the lower two being the most conventional and the top one being a really worked over one of a lady at a desk selling tickets to the Roxbury Film Festival. I like the harsh abstract quality of it.

large-3853    large-3844

At Boston’s MFA…Art Abounds


I shot this today at the MFA’s world famous Matisse exhibit. This little ked was having the time of his life. He was not necessarily a Matisse fan but he most certainly was an artist in his own right.

Boston March For Science…2017

One hell of a gathering!

Japan in Maine

Japan in Maine.jpg

There’s a lovely little spot in Rockport, Maine called Beauchamp Point. I took this image from its edge with a long (400mm) lens looking almost due east. The little foot bridge and the foggy island just offshore I think gives this place an oriental feel, especially when finished off in very contrasty black and white.

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