Coming Soon


I was on my way back from trying to take a decent photograph of a new Blue Bottle coffee bar that had just opened in the financial district here in Boston. The area where it was located had lots of angles and what I thought were good places for a wide angle composition but all the shots I took were pretty lousy. 

Coming back home through the Downtown Crossing area I spotted this guy hanging on to a lamp post. Bingo, everything clicked!

Graduation Day…Happy Color


Pretty girls and flowers is a hard combination to beat.

Working Title


It’s Up To You

Still Searching


It’s always been right here.

What’s Next?


It’s a great age isn’t it? Here’s hoping there’s a world left for him to enjoy.

Zen Coast


It was foggy today as we cruised down this beautiful stretch of California coastline. The cool gentle air gave the edge of the sea a meditative quality.

Red…A One Color Story


There you have it. What more is there to say?

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