A Fun Fall At The Frog Pond




Not much to say about this except everybody on the ice today was having a VERY good time.

Balloon Man On Ice


Normally this guy operates in the summer when there are more kids around. But I guess today’s warm weather was enough to bring him out of hibernation. Those kids you see where having a LOT of fun.

On Ice


This group of ice walkers are strolling around what we locals call the lagoon in Boston’s Public Garden. In warm weather this place would be filled with swan boats and ducks. Today the temperature reached almost 50 giving everybody a break from the frigid temperatures we’ve been having. It was VERY welcome.

The Frog Pond Rink Reopens



After yesterday’s big snow storm it took the city a little while to dig itself out. But by this afternoon things in Boston were back to almost normal. This happy group of skaters were glad to get back on the ice.

Freezing Cold…Lovely Light 

It’s been cold as hell today in Beantown but I’m having a wonderful time shooting with my new iPhone 7+. This thing is a powerhouse especially with it’s new 50mm lens.

Winter Beach…Rockport Harbor,Maine

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt seems hard to believe now, but people actually happily swim here in the summer. We have snow, sleet and freezing rain predicted for tomorrow. I guess then we will wish for the sunshine of today. Everything is relative isn’t it?


Black Granite and Ice

On the way to Portland today I came across this rock face just covered with ice.

On the way to Portland I came across this rock face covered with ice.

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