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Don’t Bother Me

Every now and then we want nothing more than to be left alone.

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The Survivor

As we age it takes more and more effort to look stylish. Some succeed some don’t.

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Miss USA

With the stock market going through the floor today and gun violence running rampant, it seems particularly appropriate that I ran across this down and out lady dressed in a US flag.

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Cuteness Wins!

A cute kid is impossible to ignore!

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Coffee Shop Window

These reflected/see-through window images can become almost dream like. This lady reading in the coffee shop window is surrounded by things that make little sense yet seem to somehow emanate from the page she is reading.

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Portrait of Sarah


In case I haven’t told you before, my wife Sarah is a voracious reader. I admire that trait very much and often wish I read more myself. However I’m dyslexic and content myself to more visual activities. I took this picture of her in our local Starbucks as she was chugging along trying to finish a book that she didn’t like.

Why read a book you don’t like you ask? She belongs to a book club of very fierce opinionated ladies and it was required reading for this month’s meeting.

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Joe The Doorman

P1000090-EditsmallA very nice guy.

I’m just starting to take close-up pictures of people’s faces. It’s not easy. You can get a likeness of people, yes that’s easy, but photographing what goes on inside them, is terribly difficult.