Different Strokes For Different Folks

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I’m always amazed by the apparent personality differences one sees on city sidewalks. These people were very near each other on Charles Street this afternoon. As much as it may seem that they were aware of me and my camera. Neither actually were.

The Bubble Guy Strikes Again



On weekends during the summer a man appears on the Boston Common with a bunch of devices that enables him to make clouds of different size soap bubbles. In a flash a happy crowd of kids and parents swarm around watching him and dashing here and there to pop his floating creations.

It’s a truly great sight.

Reaching For Rainbows


There was a guy today on the Boston Common who started making these enormous soap bubbles. In about 2 heartbeats he was surrounded by a delirious crowd of happy little kids running after his creations as they gently floated skyward.

It was one of those happy Sunday scenes that makes one forget, at least for a moment, all dolorous things.