Skeletons on Parade

Halloween was yesterday and in our Beacon Hill neighborhood many of the houses competed with skeletons to be the spookiest. Above are just a very few examples.

It’s Coming!

One holiday that’s celebrated with a vengeance here on Beacon Hill is Halloween. It’s a little early I know but some buildings are already cranking up their decorations as per this doorway.

If you’re ever in this area on the actual Halloween day, do yourself a favor and drop by. Bring a camera. You’ll not regret it.



There’s no telling what you will be able to photograph if you walk around with your camera all the time. Here’s something I took yesterday, appropriately Halloween. It’s a 19th century pulling boat rounding an “iceberg” in Boston’s Fort Point Channel.

Go figure.


IMG_1955With Halloween soon upon us, I just couldn’t resist posting this. It was hanging in the doorway of an upscale eatery in the Copley Place shopping mall.

Can’t image why.