Umbrella Chat


Today is very rainy and miserable. I went out for a short walk just to stretch my legs. Since my faithful Ricoh GR isn’t weatherproof I wasn’t really able to carry it out in the open. I got this shot under an awning where this family of tourists was having a discussion of where to go next.

The kid’s green one is the star

The Emerald Moment


This morning was about as perfect a summer day as you can imagine. Bright sky, low humidity and a cooling breeze combined to transport my thoughts to some green realm where the soul-healing quiet was only occasionally broken by the gentle rustle of shade trees. There were people around of course, but their presence was at best only tangential to the overpowering beauty of a precious, albeit temporary, summer jewel.

Shining Spring Gems


Today the temperature here in Boston went over 70 degrees. It’s time to do some serious mental housecleaning and begin to concentrate on the all the beauty that surrounds us. 

Construction Site Abstract…or

Construction Site Abstract.jpg

Study in Green, White and Orange


Fallen Green Apple


Like a lot of humans we know. Full of promise at the start but…(fill in the blank)

Green Sand Bucket


Simplicity…It was just sitting there with the sun spotlighting it.


Mattie’s Rambler

R0332341-Editsmall.jpgIt looks like this thing is joining the forest.

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