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Portrait Of A Zen Master (not)

The combination of a man arguing with his wife and some chalk graffiti for the background makes something that wasn’t look plausible.

To be honest, I like this photograph but couldn’t think of a good reason to publish it. Hence the above weak words.

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Urban Improvement

I know, I know drawing on buildings is frowned on but, I would contend that this chalk landscape on our grungy Park Street subway entrance is someone’s desire to make the place a little happier and to a large extent they succeeded.

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Garage Graffiti (sort of)


Boston’s Beacon Hill is not known as a graffiti plagued neighborhood, to put it mildly. So when this garage wall came into view, I couldn’t resist taking this photo. Looking at it now I’m guessing it started off as some sort of decorative effort but degenerated into a kind of “oh what the hell” finish.