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Rainy Day Rumination

The stock market’s down almost 1900 points. We’re still “sheltering in place”. Translation: Stuck in here.

AND….It’s raining cats and dogs.

Come to think of it being inside right now isn’t so terrible. Can’t say that though about the economy.

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More A Feeling Than A Photo

Somehow color and clarity seem out of place in today’s buttoned up, locked down world. Spring flowers and the greening grass try valiantly to dispel the current gloom. Maybe someday……

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Strangers Passing

Eyes down, eyes ahead, passing swiftly filled with dread….seeing nothing.

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The Yellow Umbrella

Rainy Day Boston

Today is terrible–cold, rainy and seriously depressing. Going down Beacon Street to get a cup of coffee, Sarah’s yellow umbrella was the only cheerful thing I saw.

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America The Beautiful


I apologize for being so cynical but the news of late is so damn awful. It’s too bad this nice street shot had to be given such a gloomy title but that’s just the way I currently feel. 

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Portrait of 2017


I know that starting the new year off this gloomy isn’t a great idea but, as I was walking across the Boston Common today, I took this close-up photo of a figure swathed in dark fur, peering out gloomily at the world. While trying to think of a title for this image the scarey uncertainty of next year presented itself and it seemed appropriate.


More Light Is Needed


I guess I’m still suffering from some sort of existential gloom today. I do like this photograph nonetheless.