Just Water


Daddy Says


We’ve got a wading pool here in Boston called the Frog Pond. (My blog is named after it.) On a hot sunny weekend the place is packed with little people having a wonderful time. This little girl was splashing around happily with Daddy watching on from a distance. I took this photograph just as Daddy came over to her and said they needed to leave.

She was good about it but took a few more dunks before finally getting out and leaving her hat in the pool for daddy to retrieve. 

Mostly Water


Aren’t we all?

Super Girl


A perfectly straight forward shot of a young lady stretching after a workout. Talk about good conditioning. She positively glows with health!

The Checkout Girl


So often it’s the light that determines the quality of a photograph isn’t it?

This morning while Sarah and I were at the grocery market, I spotted this young lady bagging people’s purchases. Her face was raked by the low early morning light coming through the front windows. By eliminating some of the background clutter in post processing, this was the result. I’m biased of course, but this almost looks like a studio portrait instead of the grab shot it actually is.

Girl With Scooter


The painterly quality of this photo is the result of 2 things. First, is the wonderful red clothing and shoes she is wearing and second, because she is standing in a film of water at the bottom of a large shallow pond, the reflections of the surrounding environment adds a vibrant swatch of color across the center of the image playing off the red beautifully.

All of the above sounds like I saw this potential before I hit the shutter button. Truth be told this photo was sitting in my discard folder and it was just lucky I saw its potential before I deleted it.

The moral of all this is we should let our work “marinate” for a while. With time we just might see things we missed the first time around.

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