Gardening In Covid-19 Time

The fun fact about this photograph is that it was not taken in some rural or suburban location. I took it in the second block of Newbury Street, Boston’s premium “gold coast” shopping area. Think of it as a yankee’s Rodeo Drive.

For an instant you can forget Covid-19 and feel the warm soil getting under your fingernails reminding you that you’re still a sentient being living on a miraculous blue planet.

A Magic Garden

IMG_0030I think the juxtaposition of black and white with color in the same image plays tricks with our brain. This image started out as a blend of two separate ones and then was further played around with in Snapseed. It’s not “pure” by any stretch of the imagination. But it was fun to do.

Meditation In A Garden



Yesterday we visited a pretty garden near the edge of the ocean, filled with flowers and the scent of pine trees. 

What better place for the silent contemplation of the infinite by a saint and a buddha together.

Boston Garden…”A Sunny Sunday Sidewalk”


The weather around here has been lousy lately. But today (Sunday) it turned “picture perfect”. Thousands of sun starved residents, and visitors, to our fair city jammed the parks to bask in the sun and soak up the beauty of an absolutely glorious day.