Only In Boston


Occasionally we get some pretty interesting stuff happening in our neighborhood. For instance yesterday there was a company of “Red Coats” camping out overnight on Boston Common to commemorate the British invasion of Boston.

Not only that but we also had some sort of futuristic cyborg thing hanging around too.


Jocks…Nerds and PokemonGo



There was an interesting thing going on in the Boston Common just now. First, we ran across a group of young guys yelling loudly and sounding for all the world like they had run across some great PokemonGo treasure. However, when I asked them what they had found, their answer was nothing. They were just fooling the real PokemonGo players and having a hell of a good time doing it.

Then, about a hundred yards down the same path, we came across a bunch of very intent nerdy looking guys so concentrated on Pokemon that if a bomb went off near them, they wouldn’t hear it.

Seems like we all are always choosing sides.