City Rain

A real plus about the Fuji x100v is that it’s OK to use it in the rain. The lens gets water blurry of course but, the quality of the sensor is so good that even with that, the image comes out pretty well.

These folks were sheltering under a building’s big overhang not really wanting to walk out into the soaking rain. Putting them in the lower left of the image created plenty of space for me to show the soggy street.

I’m pretty happy with this image.


What We Take For Real…Isn’t

Photographers, especially those of us who roam the streets, are prone to thinking that what they photograph is an honest glimpse of reality. It isn’t. What we shoot is only one person’s reality — ours.

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What Do You Believe Matters?

Age? Gender? Race? Intelligence? Wealth?

Or perhaps none of the above.

And if it’s “none of the above”, what then?

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“I Used To Make Machines…”

I have no idea what he meant by that. He was struggling with his words making less and less sense.

These kind of photographs bother me but I’m drawn to them. Human tragedy is hard to ignore.

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Stone Fruit Still Life

I rarely, very rarely, do any still life photography. Today is a rare exception. My wife has a distinctive collection of antique stone fruits in an old woven wire bowl. Here is a low light, closeup view of it. The nice colors are the result of Fujifilm’s fine color science.

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Nearby Worry

This photograph is of a runner who has briefly paused her workout to stretch. She’s looking back the way she came as if someone or something is following her. I find the image to be an easy illustration of what we all currently feel about the virus. Things will of course eventually get better but, for now, the fear persists.

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Colorful Covid Costume

I’m getting tired of posting doom and gloom monochrome images telling of the difficult times we’re going through, sooo here’s a change of pace. Yes, we are still under a shelter at home order. Yes, we are directed to wear masks when we venture out AND yes, there’s also a curfew in place.

BUT this Beacon Hill matron is doing it with so much style, one can’t help but smile.

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Common Birds

As the sages have been saying for centuries, common is in eye of the beholder.

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More A Feeling Than A Photo

Somehow color and clarity seem out of place in today’s buttoned up, locked down world. Spring flowers and the greening grass try valiantly to dispel the current gloom. Maybe someday……

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Wabi Sabi Tree

The older I get (and that’s pretty damn old) the more I appreciate the marks that aging leaves. If this tree was a perfectly formed spruce I doubt it would attract half the interest that this old warrior does.