It’s Ending…(sigh)


All summer Boston Common’s famous wading pool, The Frog Pond, has been filled with the happy sights and sounds of kids, and occasionally their parents, enjoying the warm weather and cool water. Now with school starting and ¬†temperatures cooling, these easy days are dwindling. I’m not exactly sure how long the pond will stay open, but it won’t be much longer.

The pond will get drained soon and stay empty until the really cold weather sets in and then it opens again for skating season. The fun starts anew and the ages of the Frog Pond users become more diverse as many more adults avail themselves of this great resource.

PS I shot this photograph in monochrome as a way to mirror the season change.

Shallow Water World


My blog’s name comes from a little shallow man-made pond that sits in the middle of Boston Common. In the winter it’s used as a skating rink and in the summer it’s a wading pool. Right now we are between skating and wading so the pond is drained, except for a rather lange puddle right in the middle of it. This shallow sheet of water made for a fine mirror yesterday as it reflected the tops of the trees surrounding it.

The Frog Pond Rink Reopens



After yesterday’s big snow storm it took the city a little while to dig itself out. But by this afternoon things in Boston were back to almost normal. This happy group of skaters were glad to get back on the ice.

Mother/Baby Contrast


This blog is called the Frog Pond Journal after all.

Today with the temperature hitting 90 degrees, half the universe under 5 years old was playing in the pond’s shallow waters. I particularly like this photograph for the contrast between the costumes of the its two subjects.¬†

Frog Pond Ecstasy




On a warm summer day take a crowd of happy kids, turn on a fountain and stand back! This is the first day that the Frog Pond fountain was in operation and from here on into the fall this joint will really be hopping.

Sulking Frog

P1000345-Edit-Edit-EditsmallThey have drained his pond for the season and are now getting it ready for ice skating. For the next 5 or 6 months he’ll just have to sit and wait for warmer weather to return.¬†

Friendly Frog Butt (If you like that sort of thing)

R0330843smallNot much photo action today. Best I could do was to take a grab shot of this lady resting on this frogs nose. Fun yes. Museum worthy no.

That said, I think it’s important for me to try to get at least 1 photograph with a modicum of interest in it for those who may be watching this blog, so as to be able to post regularly once a day.

I don’t know about you but I can slip into a lazy spell all too easily and I really need the regular practice.