We were in Maine on Memorial Day and I went to the Rockport cemetery to take some photographs as a remembrance of the trip. It was foggy that morning and after a lot of attempts at pictures of headstones and trees in the fog, I settled on this one which hardly has any gravesites in it but is a rather haunting of reminder of the fate that awaits us all.



Meditation, for me, helps me understand the incredible beauty and fragility of life. Our overblown sense of self and little puffed up egos fade as stillness clears our mind. I planted this tree. It was less than two feet tall then. It will still be there after I’m gone. That makes me happy.

Golden Water Morning

P1080121-Editsmall It’s been lousy weather around here lately. Fog and light drizzle ruled our days. However, yesterday things changed and the low front that has dominated our coastline moved out to sea as cooler/dryer, crystal clear weather moved in.

 That morning as the sun peeked over the pines on the easterly shore of Rockport Harbor the water below our condo turned a brilliant gold, welcoming a drop dead beautiful day.

Foggy Harbor Patriotism

P1080111smallHere in Maine the boating crowd likes to fly flags. So it’s no surprise that the foggy western shore of Rockport harbor is currently positively bursting with “old glory” waving in the breeze. 

Tent In Early Morning Fog

P1080103smallLooking down on the public landing in Rockport, Maine there is this large tent set up most likely for a wedding later on this week. There is a heavy fog this morning which allows a interesting juxtaposition of almost abstract monochromatic elements.

Morning Fog

SE002757smallEarly in the morning, almost anywhere high in the hills, fog can form in the creases.

The myriad tones of black and grey play a quiet, welcoming melody.

Waiting for the sun to rise.

A Grubby Maine Day


I don’t like the weather today.

So far this winter we have been having lots of snow and bitterly cold temperatures and that’s OK. It’s often been hard to go outside but, it’s winter in Maine and occasionally freezing one’s ass off is the price one pays for living here. However, today is different.

For one thing it’s warm. Warm, 47 degrees to be exact, and that is warm bucko. The snow melts when it’s this warm of course and that’s a good thing. But when warm air sits on top of cold snow-covered ground, fog forms and that’s bad because that kind of fog lays waiting in what seems like almost random places. One minute you’re tooling along at 60 mph on a clear road and the next you are in pea soup fog with a visibility of, at best, 50 yards. Rear-ending someone or getting run into yourself is really easy today.

Maine license plates have the slogan “Vacationland” on them. Really?! Maybe in the summer when the waves sparkle silver on the bay or fall when the leaves of the hardwoods are brilliant red and gold.

But now?

In our dreams.

Nobody in their right mind would come up here. It’s gray, raining like hell, streams are flooding and the roadside snow is turning a grimy greasy brown. Not only that but more of the same is coming tomorrow.

Welcome to “Vacationland”.

Do yourself a favor and stay away.


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