A Variant


A few posts back I posted a black and white version of this early peony. Today I went back to my original photo and am showing it in all its colorful glory. Any preference?

Flower Meditation


Flowers sitting in a vase on a dining table. I took this photograph of one of them side-lit by a south facing window. To me, the beauty of the petals spiraling down towards the center of the bloom gently brings the viewer along to a place of luxurious  yellow/green quiet.

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places


This is probably not the right place to talk about the message of a photograph. Or at least, what I am trying to convey with it. However, at the risk of ticking off all the self-help, high-tech, get-ahead, make-a-million bloggers around here, I thought I would put a plug in for the arts. Visual, verbal, motion, tonal doesn’t matter.

What does, is the need for time to explore deep, often hidden personal places that are not directly linked to “getting ahead”. Quantifying success monetarily I would contend is not a great idea. Sitting still, yes I mean it, just sitting still might just unearth a glimmer of a long hidden artistic craving that’s worth looking into.

Art saves lifes.

Late November Bee At Work

P1010321smallBeside being a very pretty rose, what makes this photo interesting, at least to me is the fact that the little insect is hard a work in late November. I would suspect most of its New England brethren are hibernating  by now.