Bulldozing Florida


I know I’m a cranky old bastard but, there is something about parts of Florida that make my blood run cold. Specifically it’s the “make money at all costs” attitude towards real estate development I find so offensive. Vegetable farms are scraped clean. Big walls surround their acreage. A gatehouse goes up behind some hideous Romanesque fountain and the garish, houses inside sell for a million a pop.

(I walked by this big messy project today in the heart of the little city we are now in, took this picture and presto this rant just came out….sorry)

Florida’s Concept Of Nature

R0300430smallI will be the first to admit that Florida has some beautiful places but, when the real estate developers get their hands on them and turn the bulldozers loose, what’s left seems almost a parody. Gaudy fountains and concrete enclosed palms set against country club pastels  rule the day. 


Trees vs The Push For Profit


Here in Florida, commerce would seem to top the environment  almost every time. Swamps get drained and acres bulldozed, as “king sugar” and rapacious real estate development continue to destroy what little is left of the natural world. As one who likes to see places where man hasn’t messed up, this place can be very depressing.