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What Do We Have Against Her?

That brings us to yelling obscenities at and threatening violence to each other.

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Memorial Day

Here in Boston on every Memorial Day there is erected a powerful, heart wrenching tribute to the thousands of Massachusetts men and women who died in service to our country. It’s heard not to be deeply moved by this sight.

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Memorial Day Thoughts




Not much needs to be said about these photographs. This is an annual event in Boston Common and it’s very moving. The thing I noticed about these people setting out the commemorative flags was that they were very subdued almost silent.  It was fitting for the occasion.



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Foggy Harbor Patriotism

P1080111smallHere in Maine the boating crowd likes to fly flags. So it’s no surprise that the foggy western shore of Rockport harbor is currently positively bursting with “old glory” waving in the breeze.