Earth Day

I wish I could post a more upbeat photograph to mark Earth Day but, the rain and gloom of today seems more appropriate. If those in power (I’m looking at you Trump.) don’t wake up soon to the disaster this planet is facing our grandchildren are facing a terrible future.

Out Or In


It’s been a while now since I’ve been here. Good to be back. Walking to our car in the early morning I passed a fence that I’d passed a hundred times before. This time though, almost on a whim, I took this photo of it, cropped it to a 16 x 10 format, made it black and white and added a tad of vignetting.

It always strikes me how easily the familiar turns different.

Snow Edging Wrought Iron


                   Makes a nice winter scene.

Fenced In By Trying To Please

R0330379smallTrying To Please Other People Often Equals…..

The Spooky Fence

IMG_0028There comes a time when even the familiar and ordinary take on a strange, even threatening, character. 

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