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Christmas Night


I don’t know about you, but for me, there are times when happy holidays can have a hollow sorrowful sound.

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“Teeny” At The Bookcase


My step granddaughter is named Martine but everyone calls her Teeny. This is the first “cute kid” photo I’ve posted in a long time, maybe ever, but I couldn’t resist it. I guarantee you I’ll draw the line on cat videos. 

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Teeny And The Glasses Game


I’d forgotten how much fun babies are!

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Family Dynamics

DSCF9362small.jpgYours are probably not a lot different than mine, but good gosh almighty don’t they get complicated. (broken and prickly too)

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Paternalistic Family Portrait

P1080099-Edit-EditsmallIf you come from one of those families you’ll know what I mean.