After A Long Silence

Going Slowly Down Dark Stairs

I haven’t posted for a long while and I apologize for my silence. The truth is my photography method and output is starting to change and I’ve been wrestling with this evolution. First, my love for the fanciest camera gear is waining. My Fuji T3 and lenses have been put up for sale and in its place I’m using a small EOS M6 II with just one lens. There is quite a relief associated with this change. It’s probable because there is more time to think about what I want to say and less time worrying about what gear to use.

The photograph above is an example of this evolution. It’s not a street photo. It is posed and edited to convey the feeling of old age. I don’t plan giving up street photography entirely but I’d like do do more work like this.

Nice to be back with you!

The iPhone Quandary


Shot With An iPhone 7+

I now own an iPhone 7+. It sports a 12 megapixel camera, has optical image stabilization, a ƒ/1.8 aperture and can shoot good looking videos very easily.  In short, the damn thing is is a powerhouse! 

An interesting writer, Craig Mod, just wrote a terrific article about the changing nature of cameras and the evolution of photography. See It Here

His point is that our phones now capture much more digital data than just the light falling on their sensors. He puts it this way:

“Once you start thinking of a photograph in those holistic terms, the data quality of stand-alone cameras, no matter how vast their bounty of pixels, seems strangely impoverished. They no longer capture the whole picture.”

Frankly I’m not sure how this digital evolution will all play out, but I do know that the thing I always have in my pocket is well on its way to transforming the photographic industry.

And probably me