Earth Day

I wish I could post a more upbeat photograph to mark Earth Day but, the rain and gloom of today seems more appropriate. If those in power (I’m looking at you Trump.) don’t wake up soon to the disaster this planet is facing our grandchildren are facing a terrible future.

Pizza Man Portrait


He seemed like a nice guy and rather wistful. He had to prepare an order for 15 pizzas before they opened for business today. His early order for tomorrow is 75!

The Beer Guy


I was walking around the neighborhood killing time while our car got serviced, when this beer delivery truck pulled up and the driver started unloading cases of beer for delivery to a bar nearby. Immediately obvious were the major Budweiser graphics that covered the side of the vehicle. As the man started to walk away pushing his loaded hand truck, I asked if I could take his picture. He was surprised but let me fire off two quick shots. In this picture he looks quite formidable but, actually he was quite nice and even a little shy.