Trees vs The Push For Profit


Here in Florida, commerce would seem to top the environment ¬†almost every time. Swamps get drained and acres bulldozed, as “king sugar” and rapacious real estate development continue to destroy what little is left of the natural world. As one who likes to see places where man hasn’t messed up, this place can be very depressing.

Canada Gold


Driving back to Camden from Halifax yesterday, beautiful fall colors were everywhere. We stopped at a nondescript Burger King for lunch and  these leaves were shining golden in the hazy sunlight just on the edge of their parking lot.

Beauty in an unexpected place.

A Shimmering Sign Summer Is Ending


Monarch butterflies pass through Maine on their way south every year. There have been less of them lately which isn’t a good sign but these colorful little creatures are sure indication of fall’s approach. Yesterday on our walk, Sarah and I saw this one feeding on the Michaelmas daisies. A lovely sight indeed but a harbinger of the chill to come.

New Growth


This fragile planet of ours does its best to keep on going while we, on the other hand, are mindlessly destroying it.