Noticing A Tree

I have only recently begun to look at trees carefully. They’re all around us here in New England of course and we take their presence almost completely for granted. We shouldn’t. When they die off we will too and right now climate change is killing both of us.

Winter (Finally)


For most of this winter here in Boston it’s been very mild with little or no snow. Well, yesterday this all changed and we now have an honest to goodness winter scene outside. We’ve had it soft so far but today the temperature feels like zero and the sidewalk bricks of Beacon Hill are icey. Being careful are the watchwords for today.

The Sunset Snow Tree



I’ve finally been able to start walking around the city again with my trusty Ricoh GR II. I can’t tell you how great it feels to begin to take photographs again. The shades of black and white in this one serves as a rather graphic reminder that we’re in for our biggest snowfall of the season tomorrow.

Golden Tree and Thin Blue Ice


It’s finally getting colder here. Winter weather has been a long time coming, but now with overnight lows getting into the thirties, the cold seeps into my bones as a walk across Boston Garden. That discomfort is however more than offset by the golden sheen of the huge willow trees that ring the lagoon and the shimmering blue of its new skim of ice.

Florida’s Concept Of Nature

R0300430smallI will be the first to admit that Florida has some beautiful places but, when the real estate developers get their hands on them and turn the bulldozers loose, what’s left seems almost a parody. Gaudy fountains and concrete enclosed palms set against country club pastels ¬†rule the day.¬†