Strung Out…Big Time


It may be because it’s raining right now or I just watched a powerful video on the events of 9/11 that I’m posting this photo. Somehow this drug addict seems emblematic of the mental state of our President. Scrounging around for the next media high to fuel his insatiable ego, regardless of the suffering involved.

This poor guy and Donald Trump desperately need help. I pray they get it.

Still Trying To Figure It Out


Here’s my problem. My intellect isn’t powerful enough to give me a comfortable place to stand. I’m increasingly sure it takes letting go of those mental tools we are so accustomed to rely on. Reason and logic don’t cut it when it comes to making peace with what it means to be human. The trick, if one can call it that, is to kill my ego and see what’s left. Scary but it needs to be done.

Through A Smashed Window

The Window.jpg

I find myself lately very discouraged about our country’s current leader’s ability to look at people and world events clearly. Everything he does seems to be filtered through his own highly damaged ego.

This fear brought this older photograph to mind. The picture is of a window in an old abandoned house down the road from where we used to live in Maine.  It stands up fine on its own but I now find it symbolic of my current concern for our country.

Self Portrait


If I know one thing it’s this. Never take yourself too seriously. Ego is a very dangerous thing. Shut up, do good work and love deeply.

Very VIP


Maybe he’s a sweet man. Loves his mother, adores kids, that sort of thing.

Somehow I have a hard time believing that.

The View From 30,ooo Feet


If we were to try to look down at ourselves from this height. We certainly wouldn’t see our physical body. How we appear to ourselves and others wouldn’t matter at all. We’d see rivers and mountains, clouds and forests. The ego we wrap around ourselves so tightly wouldn’t change the view one tiny bit.