Winter Street Drug Scene

I often walk down Winter Street in Boston on my way to buy groceries. Often there are young people along the building edges who are clearly under the influence of mood altering substances. It’s tragic to see them and they have gotten so common that I really don’t like taking their picture. I took this zoned out kid though because of the sign next to him.

Strung Out!

It just kills me to see folks like her. I went by her early this afternoon and when I came back about 40 minutes later she was still bobbing her head and talking gibberish.

Strung Out…Big Time


It may be because it’s raining right now or I just watched a powerful video on the events of 9/11 that I’m posting this photo. Somehow this drug addict seems emblematic of the mental state of our President. Scrounging around for the next media high to fuel his insatiable ego, regardless of the suffering involved.

This poor guy and Donald Trump desperately need help. I pray they get it.

K2 Strikes Again


There’s a new synthetic marijuana around here that would appear to be taking a real hold on the pot smokers. It’s called K2 and if you’ve never heard of it, I hadn’t, look it up. The dealers on the path that we take every day through Boston Common to get to the subway are really messing their customers up. The tragedy of this scene is that less than 200 yards from where this kid is lying, there are million dollar condos with very rich people in them that don’t give a damn about him.

No wonder there are so many people that are fed up with the great divide between rich and poor.

Drug of Choice?

It use to be the one below.

Pretty simple to use. Open the bottle and keep the glass full. The addiction for some never came but, for others 1 drink became too many and 20 wasn’t enough. For those folks the only real cure was total abstinence.  Very hard to achieve but the choice was pretty clear. Do it or die.

Many abstained… A higher percentage of the addicted didn’t stop.

They died.


Now things are different. Much more complicated.

Our modern drug is more sneaky. It doesn’t come with a warning label. Pregnant women and young children use it all the time. It can be very useful and wonderfully entertaining. Total abstinence is almost impossible.

But the price for becoming addicted is crippling personal isolation in a digital world teaming with digital avatars masquerading as real flesh and blood. We “friend” ,”link”,”tweet” and “post” (as I’m doing now) in an amorphous electronic universe populated by those who interact by tapping symbols on plastic or glass. 

We’d do better sitting together on a couch eating popcorn and arguing about California Chrome’s chances for the triple crown.

Or even, yes ignore what I said above, some bar stools cheering for the Red Sox.