Waiting and Waiting Some More

This nice lady and her happy poodle posed for me looking longingly into a Starbucks door for the coffee that was due to come out soon. Normally I don’t ask permission of people to photograph them but, this fun composition wasn’t going to happen without their help.

The Canine Gang

large- copy 2.jpg

According to their walker, this particular group of dogs has been together for quite a few years. They were really well behaved, almost bored. Nice to see a pack so friendly. As for the guy, unlike so many dog walkers who are clearly doing it as an interim job, this man seemed very contented with his occupation.

All in all a nice encounter.

Walking The Dog


Every day just after sunrise and just before sunset, people flock to our local beach to walk their dogs. It’s fun when the tide is low to stand under the pier, camera at the ready, and try to catch them silhouetted against the sea as they pass through the pilings.