The Dog Prefers Vanilla


large- copy.jpg

Every day this lady takes her dog friend to the ice cream truck on the corner of Arlington and Boylston Streets and buys it a small cup of vanilla. It’s their daily ritual.

She always buys herself a cone.

Snowy Morning

FINALLY! Snow was falling this morning. 

Not hard but steady. 

This is really our first storm of the winter. 

The park is virtually deserted. 

That guy and his dog are the exceptions.

Walking Slowly With A Friend


Old age slows us down. That’s a given. But there are some people who accept their infirmities gracefully and just keep on chugging. This guy is one of them. He’s almost deaf and walks very slowly, bent over with a cane. He’s kind, always polite, almost courtly.

When I took this picture, he was trudging back to his house after taking his beloved Corgi for a walk. It’s a regular part of his day and we’ve never seen him go by without his sportcoat on even though his place is deep in the country and there is no need for that kind of formality.¬†


The dog and he are such close companions. It is always lovely to see the two of them together.


Portrait Of Man’s Best Friend


Both my wife and I love golden retrievers. So it’s probably not a surprise that I asked this man if I could take a portrait of his dog. The light was just perfect and I’m proud of the result. The only downside of this effort is that I didn’t get the guy’s name and address. I think he would have liked a copy of this photograph. The dog is old and this might have been a good memory of him.

Where’s Mummy!

L1000483-Edit-2small.jpgThis worried Weimaraner was woofing pitifully hopping his double-parking owner would get back soon from shopping on Newbury Street.

Babysitting Sophie

R0330780smallMy wife Sarah’s sister-in-law has a really little dog called Sophie. She’s a Papillon. That means butterfly in french. My guess is the breed earned that name because of having such enormous fur trimmed ears.

Sophie bonds big time with females (Sarah) and basically will have nothing to do with males (me).

I shot the picture above very early this morning as Sophie stared at us silhouetted by the rising sun. She wants to go for a walk but as it is just past 5AM she can damn well wait for a while.