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They’re Putting Pen To Paper!!

Will wonders ever cease! When I came across these two women happily entering something in their notebooks, it struck me as unusual scene because of the dominance of digital media in our lives.

My wife just bought a paper notebook for herself and can’t stop raving about it. Makes one think, doesn’t it?

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6AM Health


I really do wonder how our pervasive digital world is affecting our health. Both physical and especially mental. Speaking for myself, I’m vacillating between deleting all social media and embracing them wholeheartedly. 

I watched this guy for almost a half an hour and he never changed his expression. In fact he hardly moved.

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Out Of The Loup?

P1010440-Editsmall.jpgIn the hyper-connected world we live in, I’m becoming increasingly sure the guy on the left might have the right idea. We may worry we’re missing out on something if we don’t check our smart phones constantly but isn’t it just possible that NOT checking these gadgets all the time allows us time to find out more about who we really are and why we’re here?