We were in Maine on Memorial Day and I went to the Rockport cemetery to take some photographs as a remembrance of the trip. It was foggy that morning and after a lot of attempts at pictures of headstones and trees in the fog, I settled on this one which hardly has any gravesites in it but is a rather haunting of reminder of the fate that awaits us all.

Victims of The Cold?


These were happy little spring flowers yesterday. They were peaking their heads up in the next block down the hill from us. Today with the wind chill, the temperature hovering just above zero, I’m afraid they’re no longer there.

Exit…Old Guy Heading Down


Old Age Is Not For Sissies

Dying Peony


Even close to death this peony was all perfume and dignity. 

May we do as well.


Death of Analog Conversation

R0330375small“Get More From Snapchat”



This is a manipulated photograph of a sculpture I once saw in Prague. The power of this “grim reaper” figure is hard to forget.

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