The Long Dark Corridor


The saying “old age is not for sissies” struck me as being appropriate for this image. This gentleman was walking very slowly and deliberately down this empty corridor. He struck me as resigned to his condition and particularly  brave about it.



Trudging back up Beacon Hill just now, the rain was coming down in sheets. Taking a photograph in these conditions is more a matter of luck than skill. There is fun thing about this image. If you looking quickly at the figure under the umbrella in the foreground you could easily assume his/her direction of travel us uphill. But look closely at the figure’s feet. The person is coming down.


P1100273small.jpgWe’re traveling now. Yesterday we came upon a settlement of people living on top of a freezing cold mountain pass in Wyoming. This photograph is of one of their houses. I believe it takes a very special (unusual) person to want to live this way. Which only goes to underscore how different human beings are.

Bird Of The Dark Place


Red 9 Storm


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