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What Happened?


My wife and I went out to breakfast yesterday and after it decided to take a leisurely walk around Boston Garden on our way home. It was a beautiful day, with warm sunshine and a light breeze. We were strolling along a shady path along the outer edge of the Beacon Street side of the park when we passed this man sitting very still and staring straight ahead.

I thought he looked like trouble and we walked by. In retrospect, thanks to the gentle concern voiced by my wife, maybe he had just been injured by a fall or something and we should have stopped and helped him.

It’s too late now but I feel conflicted about what I/we did.

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Mr. Danger


By the looks of this man, one would not want to aggravate him in a dark alley. However, as we know looks can be deceiving. Actually he is watching his little son intently as he prepares to slide down a hill. Concern for his child is all he is feeling

It’s the beard, black scarf and black head band that makes him look so scary.