I think it’s the simple background, the cigarette, and the black clothes that makes this a “keeper”. (Not to mention the fact that this guy looks like a model.)

Whatever You Say Sir


Walking to supper last night we passed a peaceful but pretty big NRA sponsored protest against some sort of proposed gun control measure up for consideration at the State House. There were a few bored cops around and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this guy who was  relaxing against a wall, reading stuff on his cellphone. The look that you see would lead you to believe he was annoyed by my action but as we walked by he said, “My other side is my good side.” He said it with a grin.

The title fits the look though.

The Cop and The Bad Guy

R0331309smallI have no idea what this guy was up to but it was clear the motorcycle cop knew him and wanted him gone from the Boston Common area.

The exact quote was “Get the hell out of here.”