Sarah On The Subway

Believe it or not this was taken at the Harvard subway stop around 8:30pm on the fourth of July. The lack of other figures is kind of spooky but by this time in the evening my guess is most people had already made their way to the banks of the Charles River in Boston to listen to the concert and watch the fireworks.

Monochrome Symmetry

I converted this photograph to black and white for a reason. The various shades of green and the little dancing yellow flowers just couldn’t compete with the skinny tree’s stark power.

Lonely Day Dusk

Sony RX10 M4, ISO 1600, 1/160 @ 2.4, 24mm wide

Waiting For A Fare

Closeup photos of people with high contrast between them and the background are hard to come by. With the snap focus of the Ricoh cameras they’re a little easier than with a conventional DSLR. (At least that’s my opinion.)



It’s often as much about the context as the subject itself.

Trinity Church

This was the scene in Copley Square at 8:00 last night.

No Loosing Her In A Crowd


It’s the hair! End of story.

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