No Loosing Her In A Crowd


It’s the hair! End of story.



Experimenting with black and white….. It takes a whole new way of seeing but done right, I like it a lot because there is no leaning on pretty color to bailout an otherwise ordinary shot.

A Walk In The Woods


Muir Woods to be exact. A lovely national park just north of San Francisco. The light among these giant redwoods varied constantly from harsh direct sun to a gloomy darkness, making the extreme contrast hard to handle. This couple in front of me just got kissed by the sun in a way that created a silhouetted look that I liked.



I would find it hard to describe what I see here except to say that the hand carved curves, falling like fabric on the face of the tall bowl, stand in stark contrast to the perfectly symmetrical prissy circles of the wall covering.

Shallow Water World


My blog’s name comes from a little shallow man-made pond that sits in the middle of Boston Common. In the winter it’s used as a skating rink and in the summer it’s a wading pool. Right now we are between skating and wading so the pond is drained, except for a rather lange puddle right in the middle of it. This shallow sheet of water made for a fine mirror yesterday as it reflected the tops of the trees surrounding it.

A Study In Contrast


I really like riding the subway with my camera in my lap because occasionally one can take a fine photograph of the person or persons sitting opposite you. This lady was totally glued to whatever she was seeing on her phone while her young son just couldn’t care less.

Windchill Warning


No real reason to stop (a discarded cup?!)

Somebody coming out the door behind this wall

Gloves fell on the sidewalk

Hope I don’t drop my camera

Young guy (the owner?) hurried past

Maybe late for work

Doesn’t mind me taking photograph

No doubt thinks I’m nuts

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