The Black Car and The Toadstool (A Study in Contrasts)


P1080641smallThis post is in the form of a confession. I’m sure a lot of photographers (especially casual ones) share this malady. Here it is. I have a TERRIBLE time limiting myself to a particular subject matter.

Street shooting…yes Landscapes…yes People…yes

Still lifes…yes

My wife says I should have a website titled and she’s right.

The black car above is a brutalized manipulation of an antique car that I took from the our car’s window while we were driving up to Maine yesterday. Why do I like it? It says “old auto” with just a few splashes of white.

The mushroom below it is a close up of a colorful little poisonous toadstool which I found glowing under a bush at my sister-in-law’s house.

The two pictures bear absolutely no relationship with each other. But why the hell should that matter? I have to remember I shot them for me.