Leaving The Frame


As photographers were always deciding what we want to enclose in our picture. We put our frame around a piece of our reality. I thought of this as I was deciding what to do with a rather ordinary picture I took of a man walking in front of an old brick wall. By making the dimensions square and placing a small tree in its center, the man is caught just exiting the right side of the frame.

I’m partial to the finished product.

Under The Trestle


There’s an old railroad trestle that runs along the river here in Petaluma. For the most part its underpinnings are inaccessible to camera toting folks. However, there’s one spot where one can see underneath it and yesterday the midday sun lit up this mass of rocks and rotting pilings. I like this jumble composition and wondered whether it would look better in black and white but when I tried it, I really missed the blue.

The Price You Pay


Carrying around a big camera with a long lens, something I rarely do, makes people understandably suspicious. However that price is worth it if the composition of the photograph works out. 

B&W vs Color…A Matter of Choice

large- copy.jpg


The more I take photographs the more I’m drawn to the simple power of black and white. I think B&W removes the crutch that beautiful color can provide and leaves composition and tonality in charge. It pares down an image and often that seems to provide more emotional depth.

Sleeping Study


This photograph was originally in color, but for some reason it didn’t seem quite right. I liked the composition OK but with so many design elements already in the image, color didn’t add a thing. In fact it just added confusion. Dropping everything back to black and white helped solve the problem.

To be honest, I’m still not sure they’re aren’t too many competing lines but I’ll wait a while before I change anything further.

Corner of Beacon and Charles


Sometimes just being in the right place at the right time can result in a pretty good image. Such was the case today walking up Beacon Street on my way back home. The red of course is a big plus for this photograph and I plead guilty to goosing it up a tad in post processing.

Merlin Just Left

P1010684smallI admit the title is somewhat facetious. The green traffic cone sitting in a church’s entryway does look like a magician’s hat though. 

What is however serious about this photograph is the way the small dot of day-glo green anchors the composition and turns the drab stone walls into a fine background for its blast of color.

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