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Tall Simplicity

The composition of this image is simple, very VERY simple. In fact this lady’s left hand is in the dead center of the photograph. However, simplicity is not the only reason I like it. Look at the shadows on the wall. They’re painted on!

This photo was taken in Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and the wall background is actually a piece of art.

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“Men at Work” (It’s all about the Context.)

When I first saw these three guys, my first thought was that a tight cropping of the group emphasizing their orange uniforms would be fun. However, as I got closer, the colorful jumble of colors and shapes was very striking. I didn’t come in as close as I had originally intended and the resulting image is before you.

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Walking With Memories

There’s a wall in Boston’s Museum of Fine Art that has shadows of people painted on the wall. If one is patient enough, it’s possible to juxtapose actual people going by these shadows in such a way as to create some nice compositions.

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Copley Place Sleeper

It’s not unusual to see street people sleeping in unusual places. However, this girl is pretty obviously not a member of that clan. Why she has chosen to nap on a too short granite block in the middle of a very active shopping area is beyond me. That said, she makes the anchor for a pretty good triangular image composition.

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I recently posted a color version of this photograph. In this monochrome one I invite you to look not so much at the figure but at the many many vertical lines in the composition. They’re like a marching army coming in from the left side.



Street photography for many people, myself included, means hunting for emotional stories. Trouble is, it’s very often difficult to be sure what kind of story you’re looking at. Take this lady in the subway for instance. Is she tired, sad or just momentary rubbing her eyes? I have no idea but I liked the red, white and blue of her outfit together with the position of her arms and obviously, the fact her hand is covering her face.

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A Question Of Perspective


There’s a book out called “Zen Camera” that I just ordered. It links mindful thinking with photography. This image is my first under the influence of that book. It’s a feeble attempt to question what’s the real subject of this photograph. 

How about the lock on the chain?

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Context, Context Context!!


Only recently have I begun to have more faith in shooting wider. My Ricoh GR has an excellent 28mm lens but because it also has an ASPC sensor, I have tended to crop a lot of my photographs since, even cropped, there is enough detail left in what remains. Lately it seems my vision can take in and use more elements on the edges of the photo. This is kind of a photograph breakthrough for me.

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Telling Me My Job


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Which Way To Go?


It’s all in the yellow lines!